Pre-trained deep neural nets for data-driven
screening, diagnosing & monitoring of your patients


Build Custom Models Using Our Pre-trained Deep Neural Networks

Use Deep Affects to determine the presence of disease in an individual based on your existing patient data. You can re-train our pre-trained models to screen, diagnose and monitor patients with four easy steps: 


1. LOAD your data using labeled audio or text datasets for training.


2. RETRAIN the model to meet your desired specificity and sensitivity.


3. LEARN what your model has learned from your data.


4. DEPLOY your custom model and securely access the results via the API.

Designed for Enterprise

PRE-TRAINED MODELS  Our pre-trained acoustic, text and video models are trained on a large set of data. They've already learned relevant features and are ready for your new data.

CUSTOMIZABLE  By optimizing the Neural Network parameters and adding synthetic data, we meet your model sensitivity & specificity requirement.

PRIVACY  Your data & models are trained and hosted in a secured and HIPAA compliant environment, with security controls to meet your compliance needs.

SPEED  Our pre-trained model saves substantial time in training your model. Now you can experiment with more models in less time.


Unleash AI to Solve Healthcare Problems

Build custom models for chronic physical and mental illness. Start with pre-trained models molded to fit condition specific cases. For your unique needs, we provide custom model development service. Please contact us to enquire.

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