Retrospective Report: Sprint 122

November 5 to November 19, 2017 | 7 Team Members | 50 Story Points

Stories Distribution: 14 Features, 5 Updates, 31 Bugs


Distribution of Blockers

What blocks your team?

Distribution of blocker source as estimated by DeepAffects

  1. Ambiguous Requirements - 33%: (3 Total)
    A major source of Backlogs is incomplete requirements. A significant portion of the sprint time is used up in clarifying the requirements and thus reducing your team's productivity

  2. Technical Disagreements - 44%: (4 Total)
    Quite a few times different members of your team can't reach on a consensus early on how to solve a problem. Watch out if this constitutes a major part of the backlog.

  3. Defect Found - 22%: (2 Total)
    Tests not passing or requirements not satisfied are possible reasons why this is a concern. If this occurs consistently you might want to meet your team and understand the possible source which will help your improve future sprints.